Welcome to PYO Chai

The Home of South Asian Inspired Bubble Tea

An Unforgettable Fusion

Welcome to PYO Chai, where every sip is a journey through a fusion of unforgettable flavors. Our unique bubble tea blends are inspired by the traditional tea preparation techniques of Taiwan, infused with the nostalgic and rich flavors of South Asia. At PYO Chai, we’re more than just a boba shop; we’re a community, a place where culture comes alive and connections are made over the simple joy of a delicious cup of tea.

Our Mission

Our mission at PYO Chai is to blend the rich heritage of South Asian flavors with the art of Taiwanese tea, creating a community around our unique bubble tea. We aim to offer more than just a drink – we craft experiences that connect and celebrate diverse cultures. Every cup we serve is an invitation to join our inclusive, joyful family, where each sip is a story and every visitor is a friend.

Welcome to PYO Chai, where every tea is a journey of heart and heritage.

From the moment you step into our space, adorned with beautiful desi art, neon signs, and the warmth of live plants, you’re not just a customer – you’re a part of the PYO family. Our commitment to quality, community, and cultural richness sets us apart in the bubble tea industry. We’re proud to be the pioneers of the South Asian Boba Revolution.

As we continue to grow and share our passion for bubble tea, we invite you to explore our world. Stay updated on our latest flavors, events, and the stories that make PYO Chai a place where everyone belongs. Join us in spreading the joy of bubble tea and be a part of something truly special – a community where every cup tells a story, and every visitor becomes a friend. Welcome to PYO Chai – where bubble tea meets heart and heritage.


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